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If you are beginning to develop your resume or seeking some tips for resume refinement, the following tools are here to help you through the process. A resume is a key component to showcasing your experience and education. It is important to update your resume on a regular basis. 

Build a resume


What is a resume?

A resume is a document that provides a concise outline of your job-related experiences and background. Resumes are a screening device for employers to decide whether you are someone they would like to meet and learn more about. Therefore, the purpose of a resume is not to get you a job, but an interview. Think of your resume as a commercial, you should think of how you can best present yourself and highlight what you can offer. 


Resume Guidelines

Keep in mind that your resume content, formats and styles may vary according to the individual's preferences and career field, however there are general guidelines that every resume should follow:


  • Know your audience: Always include experiences that are relevant to that position that you are applying for. Use common jargon of the field. 

  • Highlight your strengths: Begin your statements with action verbs and that will make your resume sound stronger. 

  • Focus on your accomplishments: Don't just list your accomplishments, most importantly list the results. Use numbers, percentages when possible because they're eye-catching and makes your examples more impressive. 

  • Make your resume skimmable: Create bullet points, and write in fragments, not in sentences. Employers will generally skim resumes in 6 seconds, so make yours stand out. 

  • Write in chronological order: List jobs and experiences in chronological order with most recent work first. 


When submitting your resume

When an employer asks you to submit a resume make sure you follow their directions exactly.

  • If the employer wants the resume as an attachment, make sure you submit it as a PDF. This ensures your formatting stays consistent. Save your resume with your name (e.g., SarahResume.doc). Include a short statement in the email, such as:


    "Please find attached my resume, expressing my interest for the (state position here). Please let me know if you would want me to provide you with any further information"


  • If you are asked to submit your resume directly through a company website, also be sure you save it as a PDF document. 






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