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Applying for a Fellowship

Fellowships: Signing up for PPS:
  • Around October, the Personnel Placement Service (PPS) opens for registration. PPS is held annually at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting (which happens in December) and is where many of the fellowship programs conduct their interviews for potential candidates.
  • Make sure to upload your CV early and reach out to the programs you're interested in to request interviews.
  • Look through all of the PPS postings. There isn't a set number of interviews one person should have, but be realistic!
  • Set aside plenty of time to review the programs, look up information about the company, etc. so you are well prepared for interviews. 
  • Be organized and keep a planner with all pertinent deadlines, who you interviewed with, and the entire application process. 
Preparing for ASHP Midyear Showcases:
  • Come to the showcase with prepared questions. Ensure the answers to these questions cannot be easily located on the program website/marketing materials.
  • If participating in PPS at Midyear, a schedule of your interviews is not provided so be sure to have your interview times and program materials well-organized. 
  • Have copies of your CV printed and ready
  • Dress professionally
Fellowship Interview: Timelines Post-PPS
  • Most fellowship programs, if not all, do NOT participate in PhORCAS or standardized application and interview process timelines. Many programs make requests for onsite interviews during or immediately following PPS, so be prepared to reflect quickly on which programs have resonated with you!

  • Typically, onsite interviews will occur anytime from mid-December through early February. Turnaround timeframes for official offers are also usually very quick and requests to make decisions even quicker (24-72 hours). If you decide to pursue a fellowship opportunity rather than a residency through PhORCAS, you may need to retract your PhORCAS application post-decision.

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