If you are applying for residency, please read carefully and follow the steps listed here:

PhORCAS opened on 11/1//17.  To support your residency application, we have made arrangement with the Registrar, who has been extremely understanding, to beat the tight timeline to make sure your transcript with APPE grades is sent out before the University closes for the holidays (Christmas Eve Day through New Year’s Day). To achieve this goal, the following steps must happen:

  1. Get all Fall Grades in

    1. ALL the APPE Fall grades must be entered in InsidePacific by 5pm on December 15, 2017, which is the last day of Fall 3 so grades can be rolled, GPA calculated and transcripts sent out by December 21, 2017.

    2. Please urge your preceptor to complete and submit your final evaluation for Fall 3 APPE in CORE ELMS by 12/13 if possible, but 12/14 the latest. There are 200 of you so entering 600 grades in InsidePacific will take time. Grades not available by 3pm on 12/15 will be entered as “I” (Incomplete) as we can’t risk holding off the whole class because of it.  Your RC will help urge your preceptors as well.

    3. Do well to impress your preceptor(s) so he/she feels comfortable finalizing your grades few days earlier. Don’t slack off; work hard through the end.

  1.  Generate PhORCAS Transcript Request Form (recommended, but not required)

    1. Per PhORCAS’ instructions, you should complete and sign the transcript request form then upload to the Registrar when you request the transcript so they can mail the sealed official transcript with the PhORCAS form to PhORCAS Transcript Processing Center.


  1. Order your transcript online through National Student Clearinghouse.

    1. Send a transcript without APPE grades: As you complete your PhORCAS application, order your transcript to be sent “Now” so you eliminate any chance that your application is not complete due to missing your transcript.  This is a $5 insurance policy especially for programs with early deadlines.  * Please do this by 11/30.

    2. Send a second transcript with APPE grades as update:   Order another transcript between 12/1 and 12/13 “After Fall Grades Are Posted” to update your application.   Hopefully, PhORCAS will have your new transcript uploaded before 12/30.   The busy shipping season around Christmas makes it a touch-and-go every year…

    3. Refer to the attached Requesting Transcript for Residency screenshots as a guide.


  1. After you order your second transcript, please send an email with subject “Transcript with Fall grades for Residency” to appe@pacific.edu with your name and student ID by 12/13 so we can compile a list for the Registrar Office.

Requesting Transcript for Residency

Please contact Dr. Shek if you have any questions.