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Critical Care

The resident in this specialty will expand pharmacotherapy knowledge and its associated application to the critically ill patient. A critical care residency is designed to give the resident a well-rounded experience in both medical and surgical critical care practice. Experiences may include emergency medicine, adult/pediatric medical and surgical intensive care, cardiothoracic, neurological trauma, burn intensive care, toxicology, cardiac intensive care, nutritional support, etc. Pharmacists completing this residency will be well prepared to practice in intensive care settings within diverse institutions as clinical specialists in critical care and may be eligible to become board certified pharmacotherapy specialist (BCPS). 

Here is an example of the training experience a PGY2 Critical Care resident from John's Hopkins would receive:

  • Actively participate in patient management rounds

  • Opportunity to impact drug policy as a longitudinal learning experience by participating in a critical care related interdisciplinary committee

  • Participate in critical care journal cub

  • Participate in the instruction of pharmacy staff, fellow pharmacy residents, medical staff, and nursing

  • Completion of a clinical research project and DUE related to a critical care drug

  • Provide two major presentations with ACPE accreditation










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