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Emergency Medicine

The purpose of this specialty residency is to provide advanced training in all aspects of emergency care, including, but not limited to pharmacotherapy, toxicology, emergency preparedness, and regulatory requirements specific to the emergency department setting. Learning experiences may include medical, surgical, and burn intensive care, trauma, cardiology and psychiatric crisis management. Pharmacists completing this residency will be prepared to assume clinical pharmacy positions within emergency departments










Here is an example of the training experience a PGY2 Emergency Medicine resident at John's Hopkins would receive:


  • To develop competent emergency medicine pharmacy specialists who are able to meet the needs of emergency medicine patients while acting as a fully integrated member of the interdisciplinary emergency medicine team.

  • To expose the resident to a wide variety of emergency department chief complaints and illnesses and associated management in order to ensure broad foundational evidence-based pharmacotherapy knowledge and skills.

  • To provide experiences which develop skills in teaching other health care professionals and those in training to become healthcare professionals.

  • To provide opportunities for the resident to develop medical literature evaluation skills and medical literature writing skills.

  • To provide the resident opportunities to develop skills necessary to conduct emergency medicine pharmacy research.

  • To provide the experience necessary for the future clinical practitioner to exercise leadership in emergency medicine quality and safety improvement initiatives within a health system.

  • Participate in the development or planning of organizational plans for the management of mass casualty events or other emergency scenarios that impact the health system. 

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