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The purpose of cardiology  is to develop clinical skills needed to practice pharmaceutical care in cardiology. Areas of focus may include heart failure/transplantation, arrhythmias, acute coronary syndromes, cardiothoracic surgery, ambulatory cardiovascular care, cardiac intensive care, cardiac rehabilitation, heart failure and inpatient and outpatient anticoagulation management, etc. Pharmacists completing this residency may be eligible to become board certified pharmacotherapy specialist (BCPS) with added qualifications in cardiology. 

Here is an example of the training experience a PGY2 Cardiology resident from John's Hopkins University would receive:

  • Active participation in patient care rounds

  • Participation in a cardiology related committee to impact policy

  • Participation in education of pharmacy, nursing and medical staff

  • Completion of a cardiology related research project and DUE

  • Provide two ACPE accredited lectures










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