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PGY2 Residency Programs

Upon completion of a PGY1 residency, residents are eligible for PGY2 opportunities in a variety of practice settings, including ambulatory care, cardiology, critical care, drug information, geriatrics, infectious diseases, and many others. A PGY2 requires more experience, skills, and ability developed in either a broad set of patients or a focused area of practice.

Purpose: PGY2 residency programs are designed to develop accountability; practice patterns; habits; and expert knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities in the respective advanced area of pharmacy practice. PGY2 residencies build upon the broad-based competencies achieved in a PGY1 residency, deepening the resident's ability to provide care in the most complex of cases or in the support of care through practice leadership. Therefore, PGY2 residencies provide residents with opportunities to function independently as practitioners by conceptualizing and integrating accumulated experience and knowledge and transforming both into improved medication therapy for patients. A resident who completes successfully an accredited PGY2 residency should possess competencies that enable attainment of board certification in the practice area, where board certification for the practice area exists.

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